First Interviewer...

Today, my partner and I are "on set" to talk to Allora Films.

Hello there! A few questions... What's this "Allora" Films?
Well, Films just sounded better than Videos. More classy.
I was asking about Allora.
Sorry. Allora is an Italian word that has a lot of nuanced meanings. If you poke around on the Internet, you will typically find the simple
meanings. I mean, stuff like "so", "then", "well".
Allora! Used by itself, it can express impatience.
The word actually comes from the Latin ad illa horam (at that time). Obviously a bit beyond the simpler uses.

You catch on quick!
Allora, we'll let you know that it can also mean "in that case".

Cute, very cute. My turn. Allora, why Allora Films?
Films just...Allora's "at that time" is what is implied. At that time, a number of pro-life films were made.

Not sure that's quite the right application but it does have a whiff of the past about it.
It's also easier to remember and enter than Paddhereen Productions.

Wait. Where'd that come from?

Allora, Paddhereen Productions was the name first used for this small, er, teeny tiny production company.

Yeah, I see why you changed the name. Still not sure about Allora though.
Paddhereen is really derived from an old Irish word, paidir.

Rolls off the tongue nicely, huh? Yeah, check out the OED: Origin Late 17th century. From Irish "paidrín". Rosary bead from "paidir the Lord's prayer".
All this came up because so many website names are taken. An extensive search was undertaken and Paddhereen was discovered and used for a couple of years.
But it just seemed too much for this instant age so we went looking around again. I was familiar with Allora and, liking it, used it.
So now it's Allora Films instead of Paddhereen Productions. Hopefully easier to remember, easier to enter.

Long pause. First Interviewer's head kind of sagging... second interviewer grabs microphone.

Allora! Mi ascoltate? No? Allora, non vi dico più niente.
"Are you listening to me? No? In that case, I won’t tell you anything more."

Second Interviewer...

Maybe we should move on. OK, we got the story of the name. Now what's the story behind the name?
No beating around the bush. Allora Films focuses on pro-life themes. I don't like the phrase "pro-life" but
it's so much in the environment it wouldn't do to try something else.

Is that it?

Not quite. Our extremely limited resources forced us to focus on methods we could "pull off".
Of course, whether we "pulled off" anything or not depends on the viewer.

Currently, Allora Films only does work in the filmic poetry style.
You certainly go all out for obscurity. Filmic poetry?
Browse around and you will find a lot of things are called "filmic poetry". It's a pretty ambiguous term.
You mean like Allora?
Humph! Allora Films "Filmic Poetry" means films produced using only images and music.
So there's no talking? What's the point?

The point is to offer something that will be of value to people, men or women, who have experienced abortion.
Hopefully the films are uplifiting with messages of hope, repentance, and healing.
Wow! You got pretty serious there.

Allora, hopefully the films may also prevent someone from having an abortion.
A bit lofty in the hope department, IMO. Do you plan to do anything else?

I won't share anything of plans; if you think the hope is lofty, the plans qualify for out of sight.
Allora, thank you for your time. Any closing words?

Building an audience is our greatest challenge now.
All we ask of anyone who happens to view a film is to please, please leave comments of whatever nature.
Maybe you guys would help spread the word?

First Interviewer...

We'd be happy to.