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Note: given the brazen bias of most news reporting outlets, the links provided have been vetted for reasonableness, rationality and completeness.


The Most Pro-Life President - Ever

Those who lived the reality of Communism know whereof they speak.

Just How Important is the Right to Life?


A female Clarence Thomas, i.e. Thinker!

Gee! Some Common Sense from Young People!

Father Pavone and Joe Biden

This city gets it right!

aka Opening Pandora's Box

The Supreme Court Gets One Right

Somewhat Dated but Very, Very Important

CUSTOMER reviews of a book that is packed with heart-wrenching drama that follows pro-life battles on the ground and in the courtroom:
--> Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars. By Monica Miglio­rino Miller. St. Benedict Press. 408 pages <--


America On the Balance Beam

Do NOT put your trust in man says the Good Book


Sacrifice at the Altar of Me

The Supreme Court and Unrepairable Damage

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Map Showing Most Regressive States re "Born Alive" Act

Philanthropy Finances Murder

The NEW Way to Support Abortion

Boulder Infantcider Warren Hern: Pregnancy is a Life Threatening Condition!!

The PCism of the Catholic Church continues apace.

State Allows Abortion Clinics to Abuse Minors